How To Clean Painted Walls

How To Clean Painted Walls

Is any person else a SUPER HUGE Determined Homemakers follower? The ONE line that protruded to me from the show was throughout an episode where Susan has a go to from her Mike’s mommy (her MIL), and her MIL amusingly states something to the effect of ‘Even if we do not stroll on the walls doesn’t imply we don’t need to wash them …’ and then laughs … Susan is so annoyed that she forges entering into labor!

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I understand, I recognize, out of all the crazy things that occurs on that particular show– THAT’S what stuck with me?

I think about that scene commonly. Possibly since before watching that, I truthfully never believed to wash the wall surfaces!

If there are some fingerprints remaining from the children cleaning their hands on the wall surface after playing outdoors, I most definitely clean those up. But I had never ever understood it was something you must routinely do …

And also it REALLY struck me after we painted our wall surfaces a light gray shade with blue undertones last year. As pretty and also brilliant as the shade was, it began to reveal me things I never knew existed! The canines would certainly scrape their backs against the wall surfaces, the kids would certainly map circles on the wall surfaces with their hands, and there was dirt from God knows where just resting there on the wall!

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It opened my eyes to just how filthy our walls can obtain.

I checked a couple of friends to see if they washed their walls. None cleaned their wall surfaces or had actually really thought about doing it (besides tidying up the noticeable, in your face sort of messes).

It absolutely makes sense, though. We vacuum our carpets and wash our floors, so why isn’t it common knowledge to clean the walls as well?

The good news is, learning how to tidy wall surfaces is a lot easier than it sounds. In this message, I’ll reveal you minority devices you require, how to make your very own wall surface cleaning solution, as well as how to wash your wall surfaces when you’re done cleaning!

The very best component of this is that you can use this simple homemade service to clean not just your walls, but additionally your walls and ceilings! I utilized it on my ceiling over my stove (an area that needed some significant Tender Loving Care– it was seriously making me out!) as well as it functioned magnificently with minimal scrubbing on my end! I have a great prior to and after image below that reveals you simply how excellent this service works without stripping paint or leaving streaks …

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How To Clean Walls + homemade cleaning solution - #slayathomemother #naturalcleaning #cleaning

How To Clean Walls + homemade cleaning solution - #slayathomemother #naturalcleaning #cleaning

I’ll admit that I required to stand on my cooking area island with my partner nearby to capture me in instance I fell (mainly because I am vertically challenged at just 5 feet tall) so I could get at the ideal angle to extensively clean up the ceiling in our kitchen, however I believe the image represents itself!

It was SO simple, as well as I’m really thrilled to share my wall cleaning option and also cleansing method with you individuals …

* Note: Please try to utilize a ladder with a pal or member of the family close by, do not follow my example of standing on your kitchen area island or counters to access your ceilings!

This blog post includes affiliate web links for your convenience at no charge to you, nonetheless, all point of views are my own.

How To Tidy Wall surfaces + homemade cleaning service – #slayathomemother #naturalcleaning #cleaning

How To Tidy Walls + homemade cleaning option – #slayathomemother #naturalcleaning #cleaning

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Here are the tools I utilize to clean our wall surfaces:

Squeegee Microfiber Sponge (below is the specific one I utilize!).
Wall-Cleaning Remedy (see below to make your own!).
Bucket for option.
Microfiber cloth.
My sister-in-law really provided me the suggestion to make use of a squeegee! It functions wonderful for windows, however you can likewise utilize it for your wall surfaces!

How To Clean Walls + homemade cleaning solution - #slayathomemother #naturalcleaning #cleaning

I suggest a squeegee microfiber wipe over a normal flooring mop for your walls as well as ceilings– as well as I’ll tell why you by revealing you in a photo additionally down in this article … believe me, you’ll intend to buy a squeegee microfiber wipe! If you are intending on getting one, do your research before purchasing, seeing to it to check testimonials and also inquire about the handle length of your squeegee due to the fact that you’ll require to reach the tippy top of the wall surfaces as well as the ceilings. For shorter individuals like Yours Genuinely, the take care of length is particularly crucial for us as well as ought to not be ignored.

ALSO– After washing my own walls, specifically in a really slim but tall hallway, I would certainly suggest selecting one up that can dissemble. If my squeegee really did not loosen at one spot in the manage, I would not have actually been able to clean as easily in the direction of the bottom component of the wall surface as well as would certainly have had to work a whole lot harder.

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